Pana Harrison offers a broad range of financial and business development services that are supported by professionally qualified and experienced professionals. Our network, skills and customer-centric philosophy enable us to offer objective ,quality and personal services in financial planning, wealth creation and wealth preservation strategies, while at the same time assuring that we are a progressive company in the dynamic financial advisory profession.

In working towards our objective of obtaining preferred pricing and outstanding services, Pana Harrison’s team work with dedicated business researchers and statisticians and will weigh each product in accordance to its customer’s preference and needs. Its Financial Advisors will ensure that each available product will come with quality product structures and services besides being provided by superior national providers.

As the pre-eminent provider of risk management via general insurance ;life insurance based planning solutions ; and wealth creation , Pana Harrison offers its clients and partners access to significant capabilities and experience, including:

Life Insurance Sales & Distribution:

  • Regional life insurance brokers with 30 years experience designing and implementing innovative and customized planning solutions for private placement capabilities ranging from very low to ultra high net amount at risk solutions.
  • Representing all major life insurers in the region.
    Multi currency products in estate creation and wealth preservation strategies.

Collective Investment Planning Solutions:

  • Customized planning, solicitation and product advice processes to meet individual risk appetite.
  • Centralized strategic planning group, dedicated to global and local products and markets.
  • Full spectrum of private placement capabilities ranging from very low to ultra high net amount at risk solutions.
  • Solutions delivered via highly experienced financial advisers dedicated to serve financial institutions and their clients.
  • Asset under advice of S$50 million

Preeminent General Insurance and Risk Management Solutions:

  • Established relationship with all major and exclusive general insurance carriers in Singapore and the region.
  • We provide advice on insurance coverage, claims and risk management.
  • Our advisers will be able to provide personal lines insurances such as motor vehicle, home protection, personal valuables for all your individual needs.
  • We seek the most suitable market for the different classes of insurance for our clients, negotiating and customizing insurance programs.
    We have successfully established an effective claims handling system and our experience enable us to negotiate claims impartially for our clients.

Unique Perspective and Understanding of Regional Market Landscape

  • Proven regional insight into the changing market landscape , risk factors and emerging wealth trends.
  • Offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, China and Taiwan.

At Pana Harrison we believe that a successful investment plan requires a strategy. Strategies such as asset allocation, diversification, risk management , estate creation or even tax efficiency can help you pursue your investing goals while striving to minimize risk.

Our Financial Advisor will work closely with you to create a personalized strategy, incorporating these techniques and taking into consideration your goals, your time horizon, and your tolerance for risk. Our Financial Advisor can review your current investment situation and design and execute a strategy to help you pursue your financial goals at your request.

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Our Services

Financial Planning

Our Financial Advisory department provide the financial planning services of the Company.

  • Retirement Planning
  • Managed Funds Portfolio
  • Asset Allocation Strategies
  • Gearing strategies

Life Insurance

  • Protection
  • Estate creation
  • Keyman and Business Continuation
  • Critical Illness
  • Income Replacement /Disability

General Insurance

  • Houseowner
  • Automobile
  • Personal Liability
  • All Classes


Our Partners