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What it is???

Travel insurance covers an insured and/or family against fortuitous events resulting in personal injury and/or loss or damage to  personal belongings including the following benefits


Travel insurance covers you against unforeseen events whilst on overseas travel:

  • Accidental Death or Disablement
  • Medical expenses incurred due to illness or accident
  • Costs of Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Repatriation of mortal remains
  • Travel Cancellation and/or postponement due to illness or natural disaster before departure
  • Loss of Baggage, Personal Money/Valuables, Personal Belongings and Laptop
  • Loss of Deposit due to travel cancellation resulting from illness or natural disaster before departure
  • Trip Curtailment & Hijacking
  • Travel Delays and Overbooking and Missed Connection
  • Baggage Delays
  • Loss of Travel Documents
  • Personal Liability for accidents caused by you
  • Closure of travel agency/operator resulting in Loss of Deposit
  • Quarantine allowance for infectious diseases
  • Loss due to Credit Card frauds

(Coverage is 24-hours whilst away on travel)