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Wealth Preservation INSURANCE

What it is?

Preserving oneís wealth is equally crucial as having Wealth Protection for your Family and Dependents.

Should an untimely event of a Critical Illness or a severe case of hospitalisation, oneís existing hard earned savings might be reduced significantly or wiped out.

Long Term care is equally important should one suffers serve disability and is unable to look after oneself completely

What It Covers?

Hospital & Surgical Protection

  • Knowing the type of coverage you prefer, whether itís Restructured or Private Hospitals
  • Ability to choose your preferred attending Doctor
  • Type of Ward stay that you would prefer

Long Term Care Protection

  • Monthly pay-outs in the event of severe diability or total disability due to health reason or in the event where one is unable to continue to earn an income.

Critical Illness Protection

After recovery from an event of Critical Illness, there might be a period of time when one is unable to return to the work force due to an extended recovery period.

A lump sum Critical Illness Insurance pay-out will be able to provide your Income Replacement Income during the recovery period with a Peace of Mind that your regular expenses will be covered for without dipping into your Cash Savings or other source of monies.

  • Knowing the difference between Hospital Insurance and Critical Illness Coverage
  • Classification of type of Critical Illness whether itís Early Stage or Intermediate Stages
  • Term Life or Whole of Life Insurance are Available