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Wealth Accumulation INSURANCE

What it is?

Growing oneís Wealth is important as Inflation erodes our value of hard earned savings over the years.

Accumulation of Wealth can be done one step at a time, monthly or yearly contributions can be made thru different solutions.

Goals Planning

  • Saving up for certain Goals / Items in 10 / 15 years time
  • Short term savings can be set aside for Endowment plans to assist in achieving your Goals or Items.
  • Regular investing through Unit trusts from a choice of more than 300 funds available.

Education Planning

  • How much do you wish to set aside for your childrenís education
  • Thereís a yearly average of 6% inflation for education costs in Singapore alone.
  • More planning is required if you intend to send your children overseas for higher education

Retirement Planning

  • Early planning is recommended for Retirement Planning regardless of your Age. The earlier the better in order to set aside the future required funds for your retirement
  • Combining solutions to supplement existing CPF Life schemes
  • Monthly guaranteed pay-outs for Life or Till certain age or Lump Sum pay-outs Solutions are available.